Welcome to Beta

We're so excited to have you here! Thank you again for agreeing to work with us to review Divii and offer us your feedback.  We are committed to using your thoughts and ideas to create a great product for you and other family lawyers.


Here you'll find all you'll need to get started with Divii.  We've uploaded video tutorials to help you use Divii, our Feedback Tool, and some of our auxiliary tools.  As we go through beta, we may upload more videos to address frequently asked questions or issues that are coming up.


Plus, there are downloads at the bottom of the page that you can use to supplement your Divii experience and make your Agreement usable, should you wish to use your agreement in your practice.


Divii is in beta, which means that it is not yet a marketable product.  It is in test mode.  We're seeking feedback from you to make it marketable to yourself and others. We recommend using old fact patterns and fake fact patterns to review.  However, should you wish to use an Agreement with a real client, you will need to transfer your information to our Alternative Property Schedule and our Alternative Word document formatting to make it shareable with others.  Please review the outputs thoroughly as we expect bugs, errors, and omissions.  

Welcome Video

Divii welcomes you to beta and gives you a bit of information about what you can expect of our product and how testing it will look over the coming weeks.

Tutorial: Intro to Userback

Userback is a neat tool that allows you to easily log your feedback with the click of a button.  It's so user-friendly and simple, making it almost fun to communicate your thoughts to us. 

Tutorial: Intro to the
Parenting Time Schedule

The Parenting Time Schedule is not done yet, but this excel-based schedule allows you to create rotating schedules and print them to attach to your Agreement.

* download the schedule below


Intro to the Expense Schedule

The Expense Schedule is not done yet, but where we refer to them in Divii, you are free to create a schedule to add to the Agreement using our supplemental excel-based Expense Schedule.

* download the schedule below


Tutorial: Intro to Divii

Get acquainted with Divii and learn to start an agreement, preview your agreement and use our auxiliary tools.

Intro to the Property Schedule

There is a Property Schedule in Divii, but if you want to check the calculations or if you need a "prettier" format for a client, you can use this excel-based version.

* download the schedule below


Formatting the Agreement in MSWord

Divii will allow you to edit and print within it, but if you are running into trouble with formatting, you can copy Divii's clauses into a formatted Word Document.

* download the document below



Now that you know how to use the documents, download them to get to work.  These are the workarounds we can offer until we've we build and perfected our in-app versions.