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Make time in your practice to provide the

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Our Vision

Divii pulls back the curtain of separation and divorce by promoting communication, collaboration, and future-focused planning between all parties in the legal relationship web.​ We believe in simplifying the legal process of divorce by enabling meaningful planning between you and your client and facilitating collaboration between you and the other lawyer. This minimizes the conflict experienced by all involved and opens the door to efficient settlement.  Your clients will enjoy a calm and organized experience, while getting the expertise and outcomes from you that they need to move forward with their lives.  And you gain control of your practice 

and find countless hours that you can use to actually practice law they way you intended.

Our Offering

Divii is a practical suite of tools that re-envisions how separation and divorce is perceived and approached by lawyers and clients alike. Divii starts by providing interactive tools to help make decisions with your client and simple automation to create thorough agreements.  Divii ensures that agreements are valuable to your client by using legal clauses that are relevant, clear, and accurate.  And finally, Divii promotes collaboration between you and opposing counsel to ensure the revisions process is efficient and that the language of the agreement is satisfactory on both sides.  In the end, your clients are happy and you've saved countless hours that you can put towards addressing the real complexities of your practice.

Draft accurate and comprehensive separation agreements with confidence, so you can spend more time focusing on your clients and your practice.


Plan and create accurate agreements fast.  Using standard clauses from leading

BC Family Lawyers.


Add custom clauses, edit, and collaborate on the final revisions to ensure it fits your clients needs.


Download or print your agreement to provide your client with the deliverables they need to move forward.

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