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Feeling Overwhelmed in Your Family Law Practice?

Divii helps you take control by providing a clear picture of the objective, a guided framework to piece it all together, and the automated tools you need to work smarter.  Start saving your sanity and your time.


When you know where you're going and you have the right system to get there, you take back control and you set the stage for real growth.

Maximize Your Time

Automated tools let you calculate property division with clarity, plan parenting time with ease, and cuts drafting time by 70%.

Drive Productivity

Not only will you feel in control of your practice, but your clients will see progress and quick results on their file. 

Grow and Scale your Business

Happy clients talk!  More referrals means the ability to  serve more clients and increase your revenue and income.

The Missing Pieces in your Practice

Every one of your files deals with the same topics  - parenting, child support, spousal support, and distribution of property.  So, why are we starting from scratch with every client?  We have these common issues to resolve, but no common system to resolve them.

Divii fills in the missing pieces with an intelligent framework and an automated suite of tools to use on every file.  Divii defines the overall picture, keeps you and your client focussed on the path ahead, and automatically completes the tasks for you.  

The Features that Complete the Picture

Guide your clients with a suite of automated tools that lets you calculate property division with clarity, plan parenting time with ease, and cuts drafting time by 70%.



The Builder is a smart form that immediately and automatically adjusts to your client's details.


Make the decisions and enter in the relevant details one time only.  The builder acts as a checklist to make sure you've thought of everything.

Parenting Time Planner

Say goodbye to the complicated wording needed around parenting arragements that take too long to draft and confuse your clients.  


Use Divii's interactive parenting schedules to go over potential arrangments with your client so they can visualize the options.  Then attach it to the Agreement.

Property Distribution Calculator

We not only provide a comprehensive visual listing of your client's property in schedule form, we help you assess the value of proposals by automatically accurately calculating any equalization payments owing. 

The schedule gets attached and reflects the terms of the Agreement.

Separation Agreement

All of the personalized inputs you enter in the agreement builder automatically populates an accurate and industry-approved agreement No more missing clauses, typos, or name errors.


Of course you'll have unique additions to make or personal preferences, which you can add and edit before you print.

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Privacy & Security You Can Trust

We know that privacy and security is a key piece to any family law practice.  We store your clients confidential information using the highest security standards.  Divii uses advanced encryption to make sure your information is stored and transmitted securely. 


Our servers are exclusively located in Canada to ensure that your client's information remains subject to Canadian privacy laws. 

See How Automation Can Grow Your Business

What Lawyers Are Saying

Laurel Dietz

Divii is so user-friendly and intuitive to use. You don't need to worry about dirty precedents making you look unprofessional. Divii helps the lawyer to be thorough and methodical in drafting. Drafting an agreement from scratch can be daunting. If you're not drafting a lot of agreements, it's far too easy to make drafting errors. Divii walks you through the process of creating an agreement and the questions it asks ensure that you have been rigorous and thorough in getting your instructions from your client. In short, it can save you a lot of missteps and potential liability. I think it is excellent.

Dyan Davison

It took me 30 minutes to draft my first agreement - it was all done and ready to sign! I am blown away! It was so much easier than other programs I've used. The ease with which the program can be navigated is very important to me, as I was not raised in the computer generation and I can get frustrated when computer programs do not operate how I think they should! Divii literally walks you through step by step and could not be easier or more user friendly. I think it's brilliant.

I love this program!

Madeleine Corwin
Legal Assistant

My experience with Divii has been positive in all respects. The software is incredibly accessible and requires next to no training to use. It eliminates the simple errors lawyers and legal assistants fall prey to all while increasing efficiency. I am able to draft my Agreements faster and with less mistakes, which allows me to use my time to create custom clauses specific to my clients. This is a program that would benefit any firm.

Work smarter with divii and transform your Family Law practice.

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