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Founders' Story

I'm Rebecca Alleyne.  I am a Family Lawyer, Family Law Mediator, and now CEO of Divii.  I've been practicing family law for over 15 years and have refined a successful client-centered mediation practice focused on negotiating and drafting Separation Agreements. 


Like most family lawyers, I found myself in the middle of a very busy, but inefficient practice.  I've drafted hundreds and hundreds of Separation Agreements, but I was doing everything from scratch each time or cobbling clauses together from old agreements, cutting and pasting, and drafting and redrafting the same statements againa and again.  It took hours.  And even with all that time and effort, the agreements were still riddled with embarrassing oversights and errors.  

As my practice grew, I just couldn't keep up.  So, I created pre-programmed tools and a very comprehensive automated agreement, so that I could claim back some hours and provide the client-focussed practice I knew my clients deserved.  These tools totally changed my practice.  Not only were my clients so impressed with the service I was providing that they were referring me to their friends and family, but I was saving about 30 hours per month.  I found myself in a position of getting more referrals and actually having enough time to take on these new clients! 


Family law should not be overwhelming or exhausting.  We at Divii are focussed on providing an excellent platform for family lawyers so that you get the job done, do it well, and save time in the process.  You CAN delight your clients, grow your practice (and income!) and feel more in control ... you just need the tools to help you get there.