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Founders' Story

I'm Rebecca Alleyne.  I am a Family Lawyer, Family Law Mediator, and now CEO of Divii.  I've been practicing family law for over 17 years and have refined a successful client-centered mediation practice focused on negotiating and drafting Separation Agreements. 

As a family lawyer, I often felt like I was a wilderness guide with no compass
.  I had the knowledge and experience to make sure my clients survived, but I had no direction or efficient process to make sure they made it to their destination mindfully, quickly, or efficiently.  I was putting out fires, reacting to emails, documents and expectations, and exhausting myself in the process.


But, when I started mediating, people were looking to me for a process.  They expected a system to lead them through the their separation in a single day and have a written agreement in their hands at the end.  I turned to technology to help me create automated tools and systems to lead them through the learning and decision making necessary and also turn out an agreement fast and error-free. 


Using the tools was straightforward and effiecient for my clients and I was saving about 30 hours per month not having to reinvent the wheel each time.  It become the foundation for every file and helped me stay on track and save time in the process. I started charging flat rates for the services and making more money than ever. 


Divii consolidates those tools and helps you take control of your own practice and start working through your files with purpose and ease.  Family Law can feel calm and organized and lucrative ... you just need the right systems and the right technology.

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