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Exclusive Features

Divii provides exclusive software features designed to suit your needs as a family law professional.  Click on the features to learn more or contact us to sign up for a free trial.  

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Separation Agreement Builder

There's a better way to draft a separation agreement.  Copying and pasting from precedents is no longer the most efficient or effective way of drafting an agreement.  The agreement builder is not another precedent software, but a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to create separation agreements with ease.  We steer you through the decision making process so you can focus on a positive resolution for your client.      

Property Distribution Calculator

We not only provide a comprehensive visual listing of your client's property in schedule form, we help you ensure your client receives a fair agreement. Divii allows you to calculate equalization payments without the worry of making a mistake.  We provide both a calculator and a visual for your clients and the lawyers you collaborate with.  If you don't need to draft a separation agreement but need to assess the fairness of a proposal, run property calculations through divii for the best counter-offer.

Parenting Scheduler & Planner

Say goodbye to the complicated wording needed around parenting arragements that take too long to draft and confuse your clients.  Simply enter the times for pick up and drop off, and Divii will create a Parenting Schedule for you that provides a comprehensive visual for you and your client.  Even if you don't need to draft a separation agreement, use Divii's parenting schedule to go over potential arrangments with your client.  

Separation Agreement

All of the personalized inputs you enter in the agreement builder populate the agreement and automatically create the schedules and calculations you need. No more missing clauses, typos, or name errors.  Divii takes away the stress of drafting an agreement and makes you look more professional. In the editor section you can watch as your agreement is completed while you help your client make decisions.  You are able to in-line edit, print the agreement, or download it as a PDF. 

Agreement Builder
Property Distribution Calculator
Parenting Scheduler & Planner
Separation Agreement
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